[pptp-server] kernel panic with poptop 1.0.1 and 1.1.2 -- Only with broadband clients (?)

Peter Grace pgrace at rtdcs.com
Fri Mar 8 08:44:08 CST 2002

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Hello list,

	First of all, I would like to say that I've successfully had PoPToP
installed and running for almost two months, and I am extremely
impressed with how it works.  I do happen to have a problem, though. 
In the normal course of the day, we'll have maybe 2-3 modem users
vpn'd in  (not necessarily at the same time).  We have one user who
has DSL at his home, and when he connects to the poptop daemon,
pptpctrl (intermittently) causes a kernel panic.  I've tried both
1.0.1 and 1.1.2 and its happened with both versions.  

	It's one of those situations where I dont have time to write down
all of the text of the stack trace, because this machine is also the
gateway/router for our lan.  Within a few weeks, however, we will be
putting a second linux server in as a dedicated vpn/modem pool box
and I will probably have a lot more ability to paste stack traces and
preceeding kernel errors.  

	In the meantime, is there something I can do to perhaps buffer
pptpctrl from beating the kernel down?  Could pptpctrl be run as a
user rather than root?  Is this a common problem with other users?  

Any help would be appreciated!

(I'm using kernel 2.4.17 with the rmap12b patch.)

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