[pptp-server] module ppp-compress-18 error!

R. de Vroede r.devroede at linvision.com
Tue Mar 12 08:48:24 CST 2002

Dear Sagar,

Then get the kernel-2.4.9-31mppe Source RPM, "install" it and rpmbuild
it to your needs (SMP, patches other than mppe or RedHat defaults) then
install it. or patch your old kernel with
and recompile that. Either way, you have to do some work.

You do have to get and install the pppd-2.4.1 and pptpd-1.1.2 RPMS
though. They make your modules.conf happy ;-)


> Dear Vroede,
> Does that mean I have to compile the kernel? I am already running important
> configuration/servers on this machine. It is an SMP kernel that I am using.
> Thanks
> Sagar
> > RedHat 7.2. That's nice, because now you can go to
> > http://devel.linvision.com and get the kernel-2.4.9-31mppe,
> > kernel-headers-2.4.9-31mppe, pppd-2.4.1-3mppe and pptpd-1.1.2-2 RPMS.
> > Just install them, the modules.conf file will be automagically adapted.
> > Tweak the configfile /etc/pptpd.conf and add some users to your
> > chap-secrets file either manually or with the vpnuser script and you're
> > ready to go.
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