RES: [pptp-server] Adding support for MS-CHAPv2 and MPPE

Fabio Oliveira fabio at
Mon Mar 18 10:03:18 CST 2002


My understanding is to get only the
linux-2.4.16-openssl-0.9.6b-mppe.patch.gz and compile that for your system.
If you use rpm compatible system, then download the rpm package available
there as well.
Another option is to upgrade or install the kernel done
(kernel-2.4.9-31mppe.i386.rpm), that was my choice to install mppe support
in the Linux server.

Is it correct people?


Fabio Oliveira
IPWay - Internet Services

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Hey from the looks of the readme at the binarix site it seems that you
have compiled for rh72 a ppp rpm and a pptp rpm that includes support
for mschapv2 and mppe....if I just loaded rh72 would that work for me?


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Go to and get Charles Howes'

Should work for kernel 2.4.x
And it doesn't mean you have to install openssl-0.9.6b, but it's based
on it.

Richard de Vroede

On Fri, 2002-03-15 at 21:33, Bo Byrd wrote:
> Ok I just installed a stock Mandrake8.1 (2.4.8-26mdk) kernel and
> installed the pptpd-inittab-1.0.1-1.i386.rpm package and things are
> working fine with CHAP but I'm trying to get MSCHAPv2 and encryption.
> So far ive compiled the kernel twice, both times after screwing up
> I've just reinstalled a fresh OS from scratch, but im not ready to
> give up yet...
> Basically the instrctions given for adding MSCHASv2 and MPPE
> encryption are for old redhat 2.2 kernels.....Im sure things have
> changed since then
> Since Im using a 2.4 kernel do I still need to uupgrade my kernel to
> anything and use the kernel sources and headers for anything like the
> doc said for the 2.2 kernel?
> Also I got an error message when trying to patch with the .diff file
> some files were missing I suspect they werent there cause I'm using a
> newer version of ppp (2.4.1).
> Can someone point me in the right direction as far as a getting a 2.4
> kernel set up as a poptop server with encryption?  Cause Im lost and
> the reloading the os is getting frustrating...
> Thanks,
> Bo Byrd
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