AW: [pptp-server] multiple clients from the same ip

Gunther Stammwitz gstammw at
Mon Mar 18 12:56:45 CST 2002

give several ips to the pptp-server and let each client connect to it's
"own" server. (different server ip per client)

its so simple :-)

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it some days i got this problem, and i think there is no easy way to solve

I have a VPN poptop pptp server which listen on a refistered ip address.
Everything works fine; i can connect from a windows 9x/NT/2000/XP client
without any problem.

My problems start when more than one client connect to the vpn server from
the SAME ip; the gre protocol i think get lost and from two or more clients
it doesn't work.

I read in the mailing-list archive that poptop "respect" the rfc and it
cannot create more than one tunnel from the same ip.

Are there some new solutions continuing using poptop? If i put, on the
client side, a pptp-linux-client which acts as a router for the windows
client to the vpn server, do you think it should work?

Thank you in advance for your kind interest, hoping hear from you soon!

Francesco Collini
(from Italy)

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