[pptp-server] Linux Backup Solution

Joe Polcari Joe at Polcari.com
Mon Mar 18 17:00:28 CST 2002

Use google, search for arkeia

aleksey zakharov wrote:

> Hello, this question is off the topic, however since allot of you
> "gurus" may have experience with this maybe you can help me as well. I
> am trying to implement a backup solution on our Linux R.H. 7.1 system.
> Since we don't have the funding to buy some thing like Veritas Net
> Backup, I am forced to set up some possibly Share ware backup
> solution. If any one had any experience implementing a stable and
> effective backup/restore solution either to a not too expansive tape
> drive or CDR w please give me some suggestions.
> Thanks allot in advance.
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