RES: [pptp-server] Is PoPToP dead?

James Cameron cameron at
Mon Mar 18 17:08:44 CST 2002

Christopher Schulte wrote:
> This should only be done if the old page has been abandoned.  No need to
> yank control prematurely.  Comments?

I agree.

It makes sense to place it within the same domain as the mailing list,
at least for consistency.  Presumably you can provide the ability for
your contributing developers to update the content?

I think should be though. 
Otherwise a naming scope conflict exists ...

I'm the release engineer for the PPTP client project[1].  We've used the
name pptpclient, though we used to be pptp-linux.  The name change is
because the software works on FreeBSD as well.

We're using SourceForge for the web site, bug tracker, mailing lists,
and CVS.  The main benefit is ease of maintaining the developer list.

Creating a project pptpserver on SourceForge and adopting the code
from PoPToP is an option I would prefer, if you are truly committed to

To fork successfully, you need to;

- give good reasons (e.g. development cannot easily continue, web site
very out of date, etc)

- make every effort to contact the previous maintainers, and document
that effort,

- rename if possible (the name PoPToP is hard to type!) [2].


[1]  Testers wanted for release candidate 5 of pptp-linux 1.1.0!

[2]  Good project naming practice ...

[3]  Taboos against forking open source projects

James Cameron

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