RES: [pptp-server] Is PoPToP dead?

Charlie Brady charlieb at
Mon Mar 18 21:41:51 CST 2002

On 19 Mar 2002, Chris Tooley wrote:

> Great to hear.  The point being that there doesn't have to be duplicate
> work going on or even distant projects working on similar things.  I was
> ecstatic to see the RPMs at for pptpd-1.1.2
> and all the other things, (I'm still trying to get a kernel RPM for the
> XFS kernel).

I don't see why you need a whole kernel RPM, in relation to PPTP issues.

All you need kernel wise is an mppe module, and a ppp/ppp_generic module 
which allows 64byte parameter blocks (which requires a recompile).

You could remove the ppp/ppp_generic module from the mix if either the
standard kernel allowed 64byte parameter blocks, or the mppe module
interface passed a pointer to NT hash rather than the NT hash to the
kernel. The module could then do a copy from user to kernel space to get
hold of the hash, which is used as to initialise the encryption key. So 
all you'd need is an mppe module.

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