[pptp-server] Newbee Question...

James Cameron cameron at fax.sno.cpqcorp.net
Tue Mar 19 16:52:31 CST 2002

Spuky wrote:
> James wrote:
> > Use a central server to maintain the list of IP addresses as they
> > change.
> is there any software available to do this?

Yes, I've seen such software to record the new IP for a dynamic IP user,
but I have no specific recommendations.  Dynamic DNS servers with a web
page script front end seem to be popular.

If a DNS server isn't used, all that is needed is a script that collects
the latest known IP address for a client.  This could be via HTTP and a
scripting language, or something else.

An alternative and secure means of collecting the IPs; grant a special
purpose account on the server to each user, and require them to provide
their ssh host key to you, then insert it into the .ssh/authorized_keys
file along with a command that saves the value of environment variable
$SSH_CLIENT ... but this might require a lot of research and effort on
your part.

I know of no software that will automate the whole thing for you.
But that just means I haven't found it yet.

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