[pptp-server] Packet corruption using pptp/mppe over wlan

Martin Hermanowski martin at mh57.net
Wed Mar 20 10:07:52 CST 2002


pptp via ethernet is no problem, as is direkt access via the wlan.
But if I connect using pptp over the wlan, I get recv-errors and
corrupted data (only single bits). scp aborts copies with `Corrupted

The Accesspoint is an ELSA LANCOM Wireless IL-11 2.16.0001 / 06.03.2001
The wlan-card is a Prism2 build in an IBM A30.

The problem arises with WinXP and Linux 2.4.17pre9 (different

The Server is running Linux 2.4.17.

Any ideas?


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