[pptp-server] Encryption is getting NAKed by e-smith ppp-2.4.0-15

James Cameron cameron at fax.sno.cpqcorp.net
Wed Mar 20 17:40:25 CST 2002

"Michael St. Laurent" wrote:
> I'm using the e-smith ppp-2.4.0-15 package built by Charlie Brady (nice
> work!) but for some reason it's NAKing the encryption requests.  The
> CHAP authentication completes sucessfully but encryption negotiation
> fails.  The ppp_mppe module is loaded and I'm using the following in my
> options file:

Can I have a look at the debug log?

I think you've already tested for the two known causes I have listed for
MPPE negotiation failure ... (a) no ppp_mppe module, (b) pppd does not
have mppe support.  So I'm interested in learning why this fails.

James Cameron

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