[pptp-server] pptp stability

Torge Szczepanek pptp-server at szczepanek.de
Thu Mar 21 01:28:45 CST 2002


> as i am implementating a pptp vpn client in order to solve some problems
> to multiple connections from the same ip, i would like to know the kind of
> stability of the poptop solution.
> One installed and right working, is it stable?

I am currently using it for authenticating all our users in our student
hostel network. We have a maximum of 320 concurrent users logged in on one
single machine using poptop and I never had ANY stability problems besides
some problems with a specific kernel version (2.4.10 SuSe Linux kernel is
instable, 2.4.16 works fine for us).

Torge Szczepanek

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