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Örjan Johansson orjan at whyevenbother.com
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		>Hi There,
		>I saw your success story... I am also in the RH7.2 boat
kicking and
		>screaming. Could you perchance tell me what you did to
get it running?

		I'm attaching a document explaining how I got everything
working on my system. Hope it can help you out. Get back to me if
anything is unclear and I'll try and help out.
		22, 2002 at 10:58:18PM +0100, Örjan Johansson wrote:
		> Hi all!
		> Redhat 7.2, poptop server - Win client setup.
		> After patching, re-compiling, testing, swearing,
re-patching, crying,
		> kicking and screaming I've got everything working
great. Since my
		> problem wasn't one, but several, it made it pretty
hard to troubleshoot.
		> I just wanted to say a big THANX! to all you fantastic
people on this
		> list for all the assistance. Quick answers, and all of
them insightful
		> and relevant - my setup would not work today if it
wasn't for the
		> 'love-all help-all' attitude of the Linux community -
I just hope I can
		> help some people with their problems too!
		> Cheers,
		> Örjan
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