[pptp-server] Kernel oops with 2.4.18 + mppe -- patch included

Joey Coco anesthes at cisdi.com
Sun Mar 24 17:30:57 CST 2002

Interesting. I'll do some testing in the AM. None of our customers have
complained since we stabalized on 2.4.17 back in October.

Mind you this is over 1,000 commercial instalations alone.

-- Joe

On Sun, 24 Mar 2002, Thorvald Natvig wrote:

> Mar 23rd [pptp-server] Kernel-2.4.18-0.4 and PPTP Problem.
> Mar 14th [pptp-server] Kernel panic with 2.4.17-2.4.19pre2 + Win98
> client
> So it seems I'm not the only one with the problem. In the Mar 14th post,
> Nate Carlson has tracked the problem down to Win98 and 98SE clients, so
> it may well be that if you only connect with the "newer" microsoft OSes
> this won't be a problem.
> With the patch, the problem goes away, and I've now successfully
> transferred multiple GB to and from most of the MS OSes.
> .. On a sidenote, I have also ported and finetuned the pppd.authexec
> patch for 2.4.1 if anyone is interrested. On our setup here, we use that
> together with prehashed passwords to have a large and somewhat secure
> userdatabase... More secure than plaintext passowords anyway ;)
> > Odd. My distro has standardized on 2.4.17 for a while now and 
> > not had this problem. Perhaps its unique to 2.4.18. 
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