[pptp-server] FreeBSD and MS-CHAPv2/MPPE-128

Bo Byrd byrdr at corp.earthlink.net
Wed Mar 27 08:48:01 CST 2002

Do all the patches to make MS-CHAPv2 and MPPE-128 work with Poptop also
apply to the FreeBSD version of poptop?  All the instructions ive seen
are for a linux based version of poptop.

Bo Byrd

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We did a test and I am wondering if others are experiencing the same.
When downloading a file (size doesn't seem to matter it takes about 6
times as long using the VPN link as doing same via http or ftp.
 What are some things that I can do to possibly speed things up?  
 That seems like way more overhead than there should be.  I have 
 played with the MTU's and stuff with out much effect.
 I do get a lot of out of order packets.  Wouldn't that affect http and 
 ftp the same though?

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