[pptp-server] FreeBSD4.5

Bo Byrd bo at bbyrd.net
Fri Mar 29 09:02:06 CST 2002

With FreeBSD4.5 everything worked piece of cake....the 4.5 ppp already
includes support for MPPE-128 and mschapv2 (its called chap81
though)..it was so easy too

I got all my info from http://heyer.supranet.net/pptp/  so that's where
the credit should go.  With FreeBSD4.5 you don't have to do anything
with the mpd or pppopie like the webpage says...all yougotta do after
installing poptop is make your config files.  The only thing is you'll
have to learn how FreeBSD ppp works...it wasn't all that hard.  The
thing to know is that when you install it the way im saying then poptop
will call the "pptp" profile in the /etc/ppp/ppp.conf file, so you'll
have to add that in.  ill show you all my conf files.

After you install freebsd4.5 just goto the /usr/ports/poptop directory
(this directory gets installed for you if you tell the install program
to install ports)
And enter the "make" command 
Itll go download pptpd-1.1.2 and itll also do the "./configure
--with-bsdppp" for you
Then just do the "make install" command

That's it all you gotta do then is make your config file

Heres my "/etc/pptpd.conf" file:

option /etc/ppp/ppp.conf
pidfile /var/run/pptpd.pid

Now add this section at the bottom of the /etc/ppp/ppp.conf file:

 set timeout 0
 set log all
 #Use set device to tell what port to listen on, 
 #ie "set device IPADDRESS:port"
 set device
 #use set ifaddr to tell what address to use as a local address,
 #what range to use for ppp clients, and the netmask for clients
 set ifaddr
 enable proxy
 allow mode direct
 disable pap
 deny pap
 disable chap
 deny chap 
 disable LANMan
 deny LANMan
 enable mppe
 accept mppe
 disable MSChap
 deny MSChap
 accept chap81
 enable chap81
 enable dns
 set dns
 set mppe 128

This "pptp:" entry in the /etc/ppp/ppp.conf only allows MS-CHAP-v2 with

Now just add usernames and passwords to the /etc/ppp/ppp.secret file:
With tabs between the username and the corresponding password:

User1		password for user1
User2		password for user2
User3		passowrd for user3

This is what I had to do to get it all to work....I never could get it
to work with the configs shown on that webpage....
Usually it wouldn't connect....when it did ocnnect it would give out ip
addresses that I guess it just pulled out of its ass cause they
definitly werent any ip addresses on my network....so I came up with the
above configs....

The only thing is that I cant get NAT to work....ppp has support for nat
but I couldn't get it so work.
Ive tried "nat enable yes" and "nat target" and "nat target
IPADDRESS_OF_MY_EXTERNAL_INTERFACE" I various combos but couldn't get it
to work....also I cant seem to get mppe stateless to work either.....ie
"set mppe 128 stateless|stateful"

Any ideas from some more experienced BSD poptop users?

Bo Byrd

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