[pptp-server] routing question

bao bao at gibbons.com
Tue May 21 13:54:59 CDT 2002

I'm able to get the client (Win2k, win98) to connect to the linux
poptop, and it does get assigned an IP. However, the routing table for
both the client and the server are all messed up.
I am confused of how they should be. Does anyone have an example of how
the routing tables should look like on the client and also on the

I have a router serving as the gateway for the whole network. The remote
range IPs is .85-.87
The poptop server has .62, the router (gateway) has .61
What should the gateway for the client be ?? the router or the poptop

Sometimes the client gets the assigned IP (.85) as its gateway,
sometimes .87

Thanks everyone

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