[pptp-server] "couldn't find the kernel version" on mschapV2 upgrade

Mark Mansfield westhope at telus.net
Wed Oct 6 00:04:43 CDT 2004

Solution to the following error message, (thanks to Paul Reed,
paul at bsdc.ca):

/lib/modules/2.2.19/net/bsd_comp.o: couldn't find the kernel version the
module was compiled for

This is a red-herring error message that doesn't tell you what the real
problem is. The real problem is that I included ppp in the "make menuconfig"
as monolithic by setting it's option to "<*>" rather than "<M>", (The "<M>"
option ensures it will be an LKM, Loadable Kernel Module). There is a
description of what causes this problem in the "Loadable Kernel Module
HOWTO", section 5.1, "Couldn't find the kernel version ...". As soon as I
rebuilt the kernel with ppp as a module the "modprobe ppp" worked perfectly.

Mark Langlite

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