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Sun Jul 8 18:14:56 CDT 2012

> o Be sure to have a HOME variable set when you start
>   pptpd, because slirp reads the HOME/.chap-secrets file
>   for authentication
>   This file must be TAB-separated filled in as follows:
>   <pptploginname>       *       <password>
>   Note the remote address at the end, it must be the same
>   as the one you edit into ctl.h of slirp.

So the PopTop-slirp combo uses plain chap authentication.
Slirp itself is based on pppd-2.veryold ppp code and does not support
any kind of data encryption as far as I know. Correct me here 
if I am wrong. Theoretically it is possible to rewrite slirp 
to use the newest pppd-2.3.10+mppe patches code, but I had no 
time for doing this until now.


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