[pptp-server] "couldn't read packet header".

Champ Clark III champ at vistech.net
Sun Jul 8 18:14:56 CDT 2012

	I've installed poptop at a couple of sights,  and its really
worked well for me.   I've run into a new error,  that haven't 
encountered,  and just wondered if anyone else has seen this one. 

	The error occurs even if nobody is logged into the VPN.  
Users that do login remain connected for about 5 minutes, then it
drops.   Syslog continuely reports the following:

Jun  6 16:03:36 fblx pptpd[2532]: CTRL: couldn't read packet header (exit)
Jun  6 16:03:36 fblx pptpd[2532]: CTRL: EOF or bad error reading ctrl packet length.

	As I said,   no matter if a user is connected or not,  this error
is generated 24/7.  Nothing terrible special about the configuration,  but
I can include the configurations files if need be. 

					- Champ Clark III
					  Vistech Communications, Inc

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