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Sun Jul 8 18:14:56 CDT 2012

 option  netbios-name-servers  ip-address  [, ip-address...];

   The NetBIOS name server (NBNS) option specifies a  list
   of  RFC  1001/1002 NBNS name servers listed in order of
   preference.   NetBIOS Name Service  is  currently  more
   commonly  referred  to  as  WINS.   WINS servers can be
   specified using the netbios-name-servers option.

 option netbios-node-type uint8;

   The NetBIOS node type option allows NetBIOS over TCP/IP
   clients  which  are  configurable  to  be configured as
   described in RFC 1001/1002.  The value is specified  as
   a single octet which identifies the client type.

    Possible node types are:
      1    B-node: Broadcast - no WINS
      2    P-node: Peer - WINS only.
      4    M-node: Mixed - broadcast, then WINS
      8    H-node: Hybrid - WINS, then broadcast

> So my question on the end,
> Does anybody knows a solution so i can browse the network, without
> having to change the configuration of all the machines on the local
> network? Did i somewho missed an option somewhere?

I'm not aware of any other available options. Mainly because of the inherent
nature of netbios, which by default (b-node), uses broadcast packets to
build its browser list and eventually designate a master browser through an
election process. Using broadcast packets will always work fine when all
servers/clients are located on a LAN because these broadcast packets will be
answered. But since your PPTP server is in essence, acting as a router, the
broadcast packets generated by the remote PPTP client will NOT be routed
across the tunnel, so they will never be heard and/or answered. Thus, the
reason for implementing a WINS server. 

If your wanting a second opinion, I have also implemented IPSEC based
tunnels in addition to PPTP tunnels. (W2K road warriors) The following link
is based on using IPSEC tunnels but describes the same problem, just using a
different protocol. Anyway, I thought the author did a very good job at
describing the content of your post and reinforcing what I have already
stated. "If you do NOT implement a WINS server... your SOL". 


Good Luck
Steve Cowles

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