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Sun Jul 8 18:14:56 CDT 2012

  The NetBIOS node type option allows NetBIOS over TCP/IP
  clients  which  are  configurable  to  be configured as
  described in RFC 1001/1002.  The value is specified  as
  a single octet which identifies the client type.

  Possible node types are:
    1    B-node: Broadcast - no WINS
    2    P-node: Peer - WINS only.
    4    M-node: Mixed - broadcast, then WINS
    8    H-node: Hybrid - WINS, then broadcast
> With pptp, I come in from the internet through my router and I have port
> forwarded 1723 to the pptpd server to make it work.

TCP port 1723 is used to initialize the tunnel (PPTP Control Packets), once
the tunnel is established, all data is transferred across the tunnel using
protocol 47 (GRE), which should also be forwarded to your PPTP server.

> I will have to check to see if wins requires another port. I am not sure
how I
> would hardcode the wins server address for the pptp clients because the
> server is behind my router. I suppose I could pass the client the router
> and if wins uses the port 1723 it would be forwarded to the samba/wins

Conceptually, your close. From the PPTP client, all packets of data destined
for the remote LAN (whether its a ping, nmb, smb, wins, etc...), are first
encapsulated into a GRE packet and then sent across the tunnel. Once the
PPTP server receives this encapsulated packet (like on ppp0), it then
de-encapsulates the packet back to its original form and then routes it to
its final destination on the LAN. As far as your router/firewall is
concerned, it is simply port/protocol forwarding 1723/GRE packets. It has no
clue about what "type" of packet is contained within the GRE packet.

As for specifying the WINS server for your PPTP clients, checkout the
"ms-wins" directive that can be placed in your /etc/ppp/options file. You
should also checkout the "ms-dns" option. Type: man pppd - for further

Steve Cowles

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