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Sun Jul 8 18:14:56 CDT 2012

If your PPTP client is setup properly, its netbios node type should show 0x8
> RE: "Finally, have you checked the WINS server's database to 
> see if all of these systems (including your WIN 98 box) have
> a registration entry?"
> Not yet.  Where on NT can this be verified?

If you have actually installed and configured WINS on your NT box, then
Start->Programs->Administration Tools->WINS Manager

Under the Mappings menu... select Show Database.

> RE: "if so, what is the "hosts allow" parameter set to in 
> smb.conf?? Also, have you checked the samba log files to
> see it your SMB request (from the WIN 98 PPTP client) is
> being rejected?"
> My "host allow = " line contains one of my IP addresses, but 
> not the one I've been testing with.

If should contain the LAN addresses allowed to access this server.

i.e. hosts allow =

> If I can get in, ping inside the LAN, doesn't the "host allow ="
> beomce a mute point?

NO!!!!! The hosts allow in the smb.conf only applies to smb requests, not
ping, which  is only 5 layers below in the Network OSI model. In other
words, Netbios is an encapsulated TCP/IP packet. It requires a functional
TCP/IP stack. 

Steve Cowles

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