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Sun Jul 8 18:14:56 CDT 2012

> I've set the samba server to act as a WINS server, however only
> the dialup client is aware of the server. I don't believe this
> should make a difference. 

This does make a difference... By default, Microsoft networking builds the
master browser list (network neighborhood) from broadcast packets. Since the
pptp client cannot broadcast for this information (broadcast packets are not
passed across the tunnel), it needs to get this info from a WINS server. 

With this is mind, all PC's and Servers on your LAN will now need to be
configured to register their workgroup/domain registration with this WINS
server so that when the PPTP client opens network neighborhood, the WINS
server will return all of the registered clients that exist on your LAN.
BTW: This is exactly why Microsoft developed WINS.

Hope this helps!
Steve Cowles

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