[pptp-server] pppd netmask problem - can we track it down?

Robert Lankshear rlankshear at comset.co.uk
Wed Aug 4 10:54:19 CDT 1999


I'm currently fighting it out with my Dual homed Linux Masq'ing Firewall to
allow me to tunnel in. Having patched 2.2.10 with the standard 2.2.5 masq.
patch I am able to connect and transfer data so GRE must be working
although I've done no portfw or ipfwd to it.

My problem is with the Netmask that is used to transmit Netbeui packets..
which is the broadcast for the Class A. I use a Class C of
Reading the previous tips on this thread I decided to hack pppd to make it

The code that does the netmask setting according to class is the function
GetMask in pppd/sys-linux.c and not the one in options that never seems to
get called. Just thought I'd let you know so we don't go chasing around the
wrong code for what needs to be 'improved'.



Robert J Lankshear     -     rlankshear at comset.co.uk

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