[pptp-server] Getting there a step at a time

Michael Walter walterm at Gliatech.com
Thu Aug 5 09:10:41 CDT 1999

Hello again all,
Well, thanks to Steve Rhodes for pointing out the big problem in my pptpd
server configuration.  I had assumed that in the pptpd.conf file the remote
address was supposed to be the address of the internet nic.  When I changed
this to the internal address I wanted to supply to the vpn client most of my
problems went away.  I can now connect to the vpn effortlessly, ping to the
local subnet, use mschap-v2, and pretty much be a complete member of the
local network.  I am still having one problem however, when I tell the win98
client to require encrypted data I get an error 742, the server does not
support data encryption on the client.  The pptpd.log file reports gateway
modpro	be: can't locate module ppp-compress-18.  I have done the aliasing
for ppp-compress-21, ppp-compress-24 and ppp-compress-26.  Does anyone know
if there is an alias for ppp-compress-18, or did i miss something when I
added rc4 support?
Thanks for all the help so far,

Michael J. Walter mcse
Gliatech, Inc.
walterm at gliatech.com
mwalter at drwalter.com

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