[pptp-server] Detailed Instruction Set

Carlos Castro Pena jcaspen at ittc.ukans.edu
Fri Aug 13 14:45:03 CDT 1999

In your instructions you said:

>              8)    mppe-40
>             9)   mppe-stateless
>             a)    Note: I believe you will want to remove this line after
testing to require mppe-40(I believe it is the more secure of the two)

The mppe draft says:

"If the 'H' bit is set (corresponding to a value of 0x01 in the most
significant octet), this indicates that the sender wishes to  negotiate the use
of stateless mode, in which the session key is    changed after the
transmission of each packet "

Doesn't it mean that session keys are changed more often and the connection
should be more secure against sniffers? I have been doing some performance
tests and it seems that the impact of stateless connection in performance is
very small.

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