[pptp-server] getsockname error

Paulo Fragoso paulo at nlink.com.br
Fri Aug 20 07:46:19 CDT 1999


I'm tring use pptpd-0.9.12 on FreeBSD-3.2-RELEASE. It compile fine, but
when It's starting I get this error:

# /usr/local/sbin/pptpctrl 0 0 0 0 0
getsockname: Socket operation on non-socket

In /etc/services there is this line:
pptp            1723/tcp   #Point-to-point tunnelling protocol

I tried pptpctrl instead pptp but I get same error. What's happening? Can
anyone help me?

Many Thanks,

"  ... Overall we've found FreeBSD to excel in performace, stability,
technical support, and of course price. Two years after discovering
FreeBSD, we have yet to find a reason why we switch to anything else"
						-David Filo, Yahoo!

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