[pptp-server] pptpd still not handling dropped connections properly?

Seth Vidal skvidal at skyrunner.net
Thu Jun 3 15:31:43 CDT 1999

> Mostly win95 w/ MSDUN13.EXE installed, probably some win98, probably no
> NT, definitely no linux.
> 100% idiots, though.
hope they don't read this mailing list.
we all have them though.
> I've actually never seen the CTRLs hang around, but the pppds certainly
> do.

> Maybe I've made some sort of logical mistake.  Here's how I have it
> configured:
> /etc/pptpd.conf:
> speed 115200
> localip
> remoteip
are these /24 ( subnets or /16 (

> So a PTP is made between those two IPs and then (magically on the remote
> side) a route is created to my routable network on that same server that
> allows the VPN to happen.
not really magically it just adds a route for the network and proxyarp
allows users to find your users on the other side

              Add  an entry to this system's ARP [Address Resolu­
              tion Protocol] table with the  IP  address  of  the
              peer and the Ethernet address of this system.  This
              will have the effect of making the peer  appear  to
              other systems to be on the local ethernet.           

>  It seems to work fine until the pppds decide
> not to die, and then pptpd decides to reallocate those IPs and, apparently
> the old pppds confilct with the routing.  If there's a better, more stable
> way to set this up, let me know.  I just need to have definable IPs for my
> remote users.

how many users?
what version of pptpd?

Matt, Kevin, is pptpd ok for > 50 users. I noticed some potential leak
fixes in the last changelog. Would this many users eat up the system
resources? How well does it scale? Anybody know?

is ppp the out of the box version or did you recompile it?


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