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tmk tmk at netmagic.net
Wed Jun 9 23:37:49 CDT 1999

we have had some discussions recently on just how many connections linux can
handle, and i think the max number was 1024 (well, 2048 concurrent
processes, each pptp connection uses 2, so say 1000 taking for graned that
some system processes will be lying around.. The default limit is 256
processes, more requires a kernel recompile) and that is just process
limits, i'm not sure how many ppp? devices linux allows. Maybe if you had
external ppp devices, or something compatible you could get around those

The type of data going across the server is largely irrelevant; conciveably
you could tunnel any sort of packet you want (ppp is the standard for pptp,
but with the GRE channel set up as it is, we could just as easily tunnel any
stream-based network protocol)

however, encryption doesn't work yet (though it is [and has been] a major
goal for quite some time), so you'll either have to wait or shell out the
big bucks for other solutions.

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> Maybe you can help me.  I am looking to set up a VPN Server that can
> handle 5000 concurrent conections.  The information is not HTTP but
> small packets of about 500-1k bytes with full 128 bit encryption needed
> and talking to NT client.  Do you think that Linux could handle this.  I
> am currently running NT Server with a limit of 255 concurrent VPN's
> (meaning 20 boxes) and have been quoted ~ 27k per box for a tunneling
> router that can handle 2000 VPN connections.  I would love to have
> something a little more home grown.  Thanks.
> -Tim Ott
> tott at qs1.com
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