[pptp-server] Current CVS

David Luyer luyer at ucs.uwa.edu.au
Thu Jun 10 06:38:12 CDT 1999

I've made large-ish code changes in the current CVS - no actual bug fixes, but 
performance improvements, protection against bad configuration, restructuring,

Here's the changelog:

- removed ctrl-manager pipe completely
- moved awareness of pppd-ip-alloc option to manager only
- made pptpctrl able to have a none, one or both of local/remote addresses
  rather than only both or none
- great code simplicication
- re-did IP parser; less potential segfaults from bad config
- correctly calculate max connections based on number of IP addresses given
  and statically configured maximum
- properly permit hostnames in IP parser
- always use fd 0 for network connection
- note - this changes run from inetd options.  re-read README.inetd if you
  use it

I expect there could be problems, as this touched a lot of the code, that's
why I asked Matt to not wait for me to do my changes before he pushed 0.8.12
out... and unfortunately I've got to go for today now, leaving this completely
untested.  If you want to help, try out the CVS version and tell me (us) how
it goes; if you want something which will definitely work, use 0.8.12.


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