[pptp-server] FW: PPTP. PAP. and the compaq Microcom.

Andrew Cameron andrew at ibi.co.za
Fri Jun 11 01:25:46 CDT 1999


I have the same problem. As of 0.8.12 it does not work. I complains about
message type 9 not being implemented.


On Thu, 10 Jun 1999, Ben Leibig wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone could help me.
> I don't have a real good understanding of PPTP, it seems very complicated,
> I'd be interested in sources of more information.  Regardless it seems
> fairly easy to setup and I just want to get it to work..  I think a lot of
> people would be interested in my application and I'd be happy to share my
> success story once I get it working....
> I own a Compaq Microcom 4000.  This modem pool supports ISDN over a PRI t1,
> however it insists on using PPTP to do so.  I'm not really sure how this
> works as the Compaq docs are very unclear.  I would assume it basically
> builds a tunnel for each ISDN connection to the server and then connects
> with them using standard PPP.  My problem is.  It seems like ISDN users
> would be dialing in via PAP, not CHAP... Is there any support in the PPTP
> daemon for chap, or is this solely the duty of pppd in which case this won't
> be a problem.
> More over, and I realize this may be more hardware specific.  Is there
> anyway I can tell if a user is connecting with one channel(64k) or
> two(128k).  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  My main question is
> wether I can use PoPToP with PAP.
> 	Thank you for your time,
> 			Ben Leibig
> 			Technical Director
> 			Interfaze Computer Solutions
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