[pptp-server] Test PoPToP

Matthew Ramsay matthewr at moreton.com.au
Fri Jun 11 03:21:25 CDT 1999

Hiya all,

I have a test for anyone who has time/interest. I have setup PoPToP on
one of my machines. The IP address is This machine is
also connected to my private network. I have a linux machine on my
private network with IP address

Connect to my PoPToP Server (username: pptpd, password: pptpd1234)


If you can reach that address telnet to it:


username: pptpd
password: pptpd1234

then do a 'cat README' and tell me the phrase so I can be sure you
logged in ok. (Do not mail the answer to the mailing list.. but me
personally :-)

Given that nothing unexpected happens (power failure, computer failure,
etc.) you shouldn't have a problem. A couple of people have already
verified it works.

I will only leave this running for a few days.


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