[pptp-server] FW: PPTP. PAP. and the compaq Microcom.

tmk tmk at netmagic.net
Fri Jun 11 13:21:24 CDT 1999

> Message type 9 is an 'incoming call request'.
> It is sent from the PNS (PPTP Network Server, ie, pptpd) to the PAC (PPTP
> Access Concentrator, ie, Win98 client) in order to request that the PAC 
> initiate an incoming call (or connection) to the PNS.  Hence it shouldn't
> be implemented in pptpd, since pptpd is a server not a client.

quite the opposite, actually. According to the pptp internet draft:

The Incoming-Call-Request is a PPTP control message sent by the PAC to
the PNS to indicate that an inbound call is to be established from the
PAC.  This request provides the PNS with parameter information for the
incoming call.

There was some debate early on as to whether we should disallow
out_call_requests and only answer in_call_requests, but it was decided
that since no known clients used in_call_requests, and they all seemed to
use out_call_requests, that we wouldn't need in_call_requests at that
point. As i've stated, one of my goals for v1.0 is to implement full
RFC(internet draft actually) compliance, so this issue should be dealt
with before too long.


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