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Andy Worthington christopherandrew at ou.edu
Wed Jun 16 14:21:06 CDT 1999

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Date: Wednesday, June 16, 1999 1:23 PM
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>Before someone else asks, I'll ask the obvious questions (since we can't
>your screen from here) :
> - what is your OS?

RedHat 5.1
> - what version of pptpd ?
> - what version of pppd ?
version 2.3 patch level 3
>.. and my own questions ...
>what IP is being handed out by the pptpd service?  Is that the IP you're
>to connect?

The ip of the machine is  The local is .30 and remote is .43
>what does the routing table look like on the windows client ?
Network Address          Netmask          Gateway Address        Interface
Metric                               1                                  2                           2                 1
1                               1               1      
1                        1                       1

>what is your pptpd config and pppd config ?
pppd config:
name tel.occe.ou.edu

pptpd config:
speed 115200

129.15 is for the whole university
our subnet is comprised of 129.15.124 and .125 with netmask of
since I dont see that netmask anywhere in the win95 routing table could that
be where the problem lies?

Andy Worthington
CCE - University of Oklahoma

>Andy Worthington wrote:
>> I have been playing around with pptpd for a while now.  I have it setup
>> my home network and access it from my machine at work that is connected
>> way of network card to the internet.  Everything works great there.
Today I
>> started setting pptpd up on a work server to start testing it out here.
>> can call the pptpd server and get connected and all but it doesn't seem
>> it is sending anything over the link.  The network the pptpd is being
>> on is a subnet of two class c's.  The reason we are setting up the pptpd
>> to allow people on the road access to the intranet web server and the
>> netware server which you must be on the local subnet to access.  I am
>> dialing into a local ISP and then connecting to the pptpd machine.
>> Everything is fine but then if I telnet to the pptpd machine it appears
>> go through the original ppp connection and not the vpn connection. ie
>> does not report any traffic on the vpn connection.  Any help would be
>> appreciative.
>> Thanks
>> Andy Worthington
>> CCE - University of Oklahoma
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