[pptp-server] general help

Andy Worthington christopherandrew at OU.EDU
Wed Jun 16 12:53:17 CDT 1999

I have been playing around with pptpd for a while now.  I have it setup on
my home network and access it from my machine at work that is connected by
way of network card to the internet.  Everything works great there.  Today I
started setting pptpd up on a work server to start testing it out here.  I
can call the pptpd server and get connected and all but it doesn't seem like
it is sending anything over the link.  The network the pptpd is being setup
on is a subnet of two class c's.  The reason we are setting up the pptpd is
to allow people on the road access to the intranet web server and the
netware server which you must be on the local subnet to access.  I am
dialing into a local ISP and then connecting to the pptpd machine.
Everything is fine but then if I telnet to the pptpd machine it appears to
go through the original ppp connection and not the vpn connection. ie win95
does not report any traffic on the vpn connection.  Any help would be

Andy Worthington
CCE - University of Oklahoma

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