[pptp-server] RE: [pptp-server] GRE: Discarding out of order packet

Anders Vännman anders.vannman at nyavf.se
Sat Jun 19 01:23:06 CDT 1999


The pptpd is working fine, Im using it daily from my home to connect to our
network. At my apartment I have a TP with direct access to internet, the
same is for 
my work. I dont think there are any special network structures there; at
work there is just
a cisco between the pptp and the internet.

Is there any real problem with this message, does it slow down the link - ie
does the packet that's out of order has to be resent?

>> I have problem with the following message: GRE: Discarding out of order
>> packet, with heavy pptdp usage my log is filled with these messages. Any
>> clues?

>We could move it to being a debugging mode only message - are you confident

>that the pptpd is working properly and these are real out of order packets?
>(do you have dual links or some network structure that makes them common?)


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