[pptp-server] PopTop and Wintel Connections

Aydelott, Ryan edison at xwd.com
Tue Jun 22 17:46:11 CDT 1999


	I am currently running poptop .9 and am having difficulty with
connectivity. Perhaps somebody on this list can help. Authentication and all
things seem to work fine, PopTop appears to be doing it's job. Under
ifconfig I get the local and remote addresses showing up ok. 
As the pptp client (wintel) I can always connect to the local ip addresses
on my machine. And connect to the pptp server local address, and of course
myself (remote address). But when trying to connect to machines other then
the pop-top machine and self all fails. From remote machines I can get to
the local IP addresses. (poptop and regular ip's) but cannot get to the
remote ip assigned to the connected caller. (Even when adding a host route
on the machine to the local address on the poptop machine.)

If anyone has experienced similiar behavior, please let me know.. Thanks..

FYI: redhat6,poptop : win98,dun1.3

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