[pptp-server] PPTP Server Configuration Questions

Brian signal at shreve.net
Thu Jun 24 07:57:07 CDT 1999

I am going to attempt to connect a PPTP session between a 3Com Total
Control Hub (NAS box), and Linux running pptpd.  If anyone has done this,
please let me know.  The 3Com box supports PPTP.

On the 3Com box, I have configured via RADIUS a user like:

demo    Auth-Type = "Unix-PW"
        Service-Type = "Framed-User",
        Framed-Protocol = "PPP",
        Framed-Routing = "None",
        Framed-Compression = "Van-Jacobson-TCP-IP",
        Tunnel-Type = "PPTP",
        Tunnel-Server-Endpoint = ""

I am not using any authentication for the tunnel, and I am not doing any
assignment of IP's ( I am letting the pptpd server do that ).

The "Tunnel-Server-Endpoint" is my Linux pptpd box, which is configured
like this:

debug 1
pptpdlog /var/log/pptpd.log
option /etc/ppp/options

Does this look sound?  My understanding is that users should be given IP's
on their end (assigned from the pptpd) from the "remoteip" pool.  The
Tunnel server then connects this ip to one of the ip's in the localip
pool, thus establishing the tunnel.

The remote clients are just running Windows and have no idea they are
being tunneled, they are running normal Dialup Networking.  The actual
tunnel is created between the 3Com NAS and the Linux pptpd.  Does anyone
see any problems I may run into?


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