[pptp-server] PPTP over dialup

John Sutton john at scl.co.uk
Wed Jun 30 06:33:27 CDT 1999


I first tried to get poptop going some weeks ago with limited success but am now trying again.

The server is:

kernel 2.0.36
pptpd 0.8.9pre
pppd 2.3.7

Clients are:

MS VPN adapter on Win95 + DUN 1.3
pptp-linux 1.0.2

My problem is that it works fine over a LAN connection with either client, but fails with both clients when used over a dialup connection.  From looking at the debug traces on the server and the linux client, I can see that the server is sending the LCP requests and the client receives these and responds by sending the LCP acks, and its own LCP requests, BUT these are never received by the server.  The server just sends 10 requests and having got nothing back, times out.

This is not a firewall issue (I've eliminated the firewall for the purpose of trying to get this going) so what is it?  How do I get a handle on it?

More generally, what is the relevance of the speed parameter in the pptpd.conf file?  Is this just something to keep pppd happy but otherwise of no significance?  I can't see what sense it makes because pppd is not handling a real serial line?

Any help greatly appreciated!
John Sutton

John Sutton
SCL Computer Services
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