[pptp-server] PPTP routing

Bitt Faulk wfaulk at totalsports.net
Wed Jun 30 12:47:21 CDT 1999

I know that this is not really on topic, but you guys might know anyway.

Here's my setup:

Users dial up to local ISP.
Users make PPTP connection to a machine on my local network.
The IP address that they are assigned is in the net 172.31.0
The IP address that the server is assigned is in 172.31.1
My local net is 216.2.60/23

Now, all of the computers that dial up seem to route to my local network
via the PPTP connection, not that it seems to add that to the routing
table printed by 'route print'.  Some of the computers seem to route
everything else via the normal dialup connection.  Others seem to route
everything via the VPN.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be the case, or how to fix it?  I
was trying to avoid allocating addresses on my local network to get it to
function properly, but I can.  Maybe the reason it works sometimes is due
to some Microsoft nondeterministic magic.  Would everyone suggest that I
use addresses on my local network?


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