[pptp-server] pptp from NT

Mike McQuade mmcquade at aa.net
Sun May 9 22:59:10 CDT 1999

Some progress,

Maybe I should have mentioned this:

My Linux machine is multi-homed, I was attempting
to PPTP to the "Outside" NIC, ie: the one connected
to the Internet. From a machine on the inside
"private" network.

I followed these suggestions below, and was
able to establish a PPTP connection when I
PPTP to the IP address of the INTERNAL network

When I try to enter the IP address of the
second NIC, I can send packets but get
nothing back.

I suspect that IPCHAINS needs a rule to allow
traffic back into the internal network.

Or does PPTP not work through a Linux / IPCHAINS
firewall ?


At 11:11 PM 5/9/99 +0000, you wrote:
>Let's try with no authentication/encryption whatsoever. On the NT side
>make sure any encryption (incl clear tect is selected)
>1. Is ppp compiled into your kernel?
>2. Change your options file to this:
>3. Change your pptpd.conf gile to this:
>debug 1
>speed 115200

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