[pptp-server] pptp from NT

Matthew Ramsay matthewr at moreton.com.au
Sun May 9 18:11:53 CDT 1999


Let's try with no authentication/encryption whatsoever. On the NT side
make sure any encryption (incl clear tect is selected)

1. Is ppp compiled into your kernel?

2. Change your options file to this:


3. Change your pptpd.conf gile to this:

debug 1
speed 115200

localip/remote ip are simply the two endpoints of the tunnel.. set them
to some other unused address.

4. Log any PPPD messages as if this fails i will want to have a look at
PPPD's log messages.

5. launch pptpd and start NT connection
6. kill of all pptp and ppp processes on the server (for some unknown
bug poptop dies on the first run.. this will be fixed soon)
7. launch pptpd again and start the NT connection

if it still fails send to my email: matthewr at moreton.com.au the pppd
debug messages, the PPTP debug messages and the error message windows NT
failed with.

Good luck!

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