[pptp-server] openbsd works !

Peter Galbavy Peter.Galbavy at knowledge.com
Fri May 14 01:50:31 CDT 1999

After a couple of days of hacking, I have a "working" openbsd port of
poptop. Much of it is hardwired - diff to 0.8.4 to follow.

Caveat: I don't know which bugs its exhibits are the ones that the
Linux version does :)

Also, 4 hours of debugging, where a couple of other buglettes got
fixed, was due to me not realising a firewall was blocking the GRE
packets back to my Win98 box. sigh.

OK. Here is >my< list of things to do, so please holler when they
don't fit.

1a. Reimplement inststr() as setproctitle() which is more common and
likely to be found as a standard function.

1b. Reimplement a number of things using "standard" common functions,
eg. setsid(), daemon() etc. These have made it to the Linux and Slowlaris
worlds last time I looked :)

1c. Import a GNU getopt() function, wince the OpenBSD one (and likely
other *BSD ones) do not support long options by default.

2. Add the two options "--with-ppp" and "--with-pppd" to the configure
stuff, since FreeBSD and OpenBSD use Brian Somers user-land ppp
daemon, which (only) supports stdin/stdout for a "-direct" connection.
I intend to try to auto-detect which executables are there, but I
am not sure if this is deterministic enough, hence the option.

3. Make multiple connections (serial and parellel) work.

4. OPTIONAL. CVS server. I will put up a CVS server and import the
version of PPTPD that I can find (what is on the http:... site ?).
I can also provide and ftp home. (www|ftp|cvs).poptop.wonderland.org
ok ?  CVS is wonderful for figuring out "what went wrong" between
revisions.  I will do a quick summary and references on how to use
it, but I expect that once any of the users/hacker get used to it,
it will prove a blessing :) Who wants this ?

Are there any preferred code-styles ? The existing code has clearly
come from a number of places, and hence the layout, indentation and
use of prototyping is varied, to say the least. Any objections to
a whole-sale re-format (using emacs standard GNU indent style) ?
(Makes '[[' and ']]' in vi work :) (Now ask why I am
mixing vi and emacs up in the same paragraph ?)

Peter Galbavy
Knowledge Matters Ltd

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