[pptp-server] openbsd works !

Allan Clark allanc at sco.com
Fri May 14 09:49:54 CDT 1999

By way of introduction, I'm just the RPM-packer (which is simpler than it

Kudos on the BSD work; My formal tasknig is porting, and I've had good and
bad ones.

> 4. OPTIONAL. CVS server. I will put up a CVS server and import the
> version of PPTPD that I can find (what is on the http:... site ?).
> I can also provide and ftp home. (www|ftp|cvs).poptop.wonderland.org
> ok ?  CVS is wonderful for figuring out "what went wrong" between
> revisions.  I will do a quick summary and references on how to use
> it, but I expect that once any of the users/hacker get used to it,
> it will prove a blessing :) Who wants this ?

Yes.  I'd love it.

If you *do* import to CVS, tag your releases; it makes packaging much easier.

> Are there any preferred code-styles ? The existing code has clearly
> come from a number of places, and hence the layout, indentation and
> use of prototyping is varied, to say the least. Any objections to
> a whole-sale re-format (using emacs standard GNU indent style) ?
> (Makes '[[' and ']]' in vi work :) (Now ask why I am
> mixing vi and emacs up in the same paragraph ?)

I taught network computing for a while at a university.  The best coding
style for catching mismatches and errors is the "Borland" style, which is
like GNU but does not doubly-indent:

void example (char *name, int factors)
    int red;
    char workBuffer[100];

    printf ("this is example %d\n", red);

    if (0 == red)
        doSomething (workBuffer);
        snprintf (workBuffer, sizeof (workBuffer), "blah %d blah\n", red);
        somethingElse (workBuffer);

I could debate ths issue; suffice to say I helped fewer students with this
coding style to catch missed tokens (, ; } ) and broken booleans than K&R.
This seemed to be true for C, C++, Java, and (the big one) pascal source.

and BTW, the Gnu-indent-1.9.1 parameters for the above (for your
~/.indent.pro) would be:
-bad -bap -sc -ncdb -bl -bli0 -cli4 -ss -pcs -cs -nbs -nbc -npsl -di1 -i4
-nlp -ci4 -ip4 -l75

Hey, there's my two cents
(Being Canadian, that's 1.3 cents US)


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