[pptp-server] openbsd works (comments)

Allan Clark allanc at sco.com
Fri May 14 11:10:58 CDT 1999

> 2. Add the two options "--with-ppp" and "--with-pppd" to the configure
> stuff, since FreeBSD and OpenBSD use Brian Somers user-land ppp
> daemon, which (only) supports stdin/stdout for a "-direct" connection.
> I intend to try to auto-detect which executables are there, but I
> am not sure if this is deterministic enough, hence the option.

--with-ppp[=/usr/sbin/ppp] ?
--with-pppd [=/usr/sbin/pppd] ?

I know of a few (OK, slackware) boxes with pppd moved about to odd
locations.  Perhaps not an immediate concern, but a "vision" thinf to keep in


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