[pptp-server] now for some CVS info - part 1

Peter Galbavy Peter.Galbavy at knowledge.com
Wed May 19 08:12:15 CDT 1999

(This is part one - rather than delay posting it, I will follow up
with part two later).

Here is a quick (read nasty, hacky) guide to how to use CVS... I have sent
this to the list (a) because I don;t know who will eventually need it, and
(b) anyone with better experience of CVS may want to comment... PLEASE!

OK. I an assuming the following:

	CVS_ROOT=:pserver:XXX at cvs.pptpd.wonderland.org:/cvs/pptpd

Here are some important words:

Repository	A respository is the collection of files that CVS
		uses to store files and so on.
Tag		A tag is a symolic name for a particular working
		set of files. Branches and revisions should be mentioned,
		but it gets over complicated.
Trunk		The main branch. Guess where these names came from ?
Head		The head revision is the newest version of *every* file in
		the repository, including files that are in imported
		versions that are "earlier" than whatever the last one
		was. This is important - more below.
Sticky Tag	A tag that "sticks" to files and directories. This allows
		parellel devlopment of branches, where once person or
		group is working on a specific tagged version of the
		sources and may be adding and deleting files and directories.
Merging		There is only ever one "head" revision, and in most cases
		it is expected that any work on branches (tags, sticky tags
		etc.) will eventually be merged into the trunk, the current
		version of which is called the head.

OK - if you haven't come across them before, that lot will not make sense
until you have to use them. So here we go.

To "import" an external set of sources:

	cd pptpd-0.8.5
	cvs import -m"import version x.y.z" -I \! pptpd PPTPD PPTPD_X_Y_Z

To break this down:

	cd ...		- go to the top level diectory of the tree to import

	cvs import	- the cvs command
	-m"..."		- the message to use. if you do not give a message,
			  your editor will be invoked and you will be asked
			  to give one.
	-I \!		- do not ignore any files (the backslash is there
			  since most your shells will try to treat !
	pptpd		- the name of the repository (can be a path)
        PPTPD           - the vendor tag. this remains fixed for
                          all imports from the same source
	PPTPD_X_Y_Z	- the release tag. this should somehow match the
			  release name of the sources. note the use of
			  underscore instead of '.'

This will then import the whole lot. You will see one line per file imported.
Do not worry abour "conflicts" at this stage.

Enough for now, part 2 in a few days.

Peter Galbavy
Knowledge Matters Ltd

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