[pptp-server] v0.8.6 call for testers

Matthew Ramsay matthewr at moreton.com.au
Fri May 21 02:32:02 CDT 1999


v0.8.6 has been released.

We would like *everyone* to download, install and run this release to
test if they can successfully create a VPN and/or connect (multiple if
possible) windows/linux clients.

If you could then report back to me on your successes/failures I would
*really* appreciate it. We have worked hard to get PoPToP this far...
but now we need some help in giving it a thrashing and see how it holds

In the near future I plan to setup a PoPToP server on my machine here so
everyone can access my local network.... this will be the ultimate
PoPToP thrashing as I hope to have many, many clients connected. This is
not ready yet.. so in the meantime if people can test it on their own
networks that would be great.

The main change from v0.8.5 -> v0.8.6 is support for specifying multiple
IP addresses via the configuration file. Debugging is via syslog.

Good Luck!


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