[pptp-server] pppd not dying

Bitt Faulk wfaulk at totalsports.net
Fri May 28 20:44:09 CDT 1999

It seems that I always get 2 'PPTP CTRL Connection's per PPTP connection,
which is not a big deal, but may be pertinent to the fact that the pppd
processes that are spawned sometimes do not go away.  When they don't, it
seems as though pptpd goes ahead and reuses the IP addresses that it
thinks are freed and the old pppd seems to interfere.  I think that the
pppds fail to go away when the other end does not disconnect cleanly, but
I have not had a chance to test that yet.  Otherwise, as long as I keep an
eye on it, and kill off errant pppds, it seems to work fine.

Anyone seen this problem and have a fix?


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