[pptp-server] pppd not dying

tmk tmk at netmagic.net
Fri May 28 20:48:12 CDT 1999

we know about it =) we're working on the problem.

half the problem is a messy disconnect, and half of it is a programming
problem :) It will be fixed in 0.8.7 or 0.8.8

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From: Bitt Faulk <wfaulk at totalsports.net>
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Subject: [pptp-server] pppd not dying

> It seems that I always get 2 'PPTP CTRL Connection's per PPTP connection,
> which is not a big deal, but may be pertinent to the fact that the pppd
> processes that are spawned sometimes do not go away.  When they don't, it
> seems as though pptpd goes ahead and reuses the IP addresses that it
> thinks are freed and the old pppd seems to interfere.  I think that the
> pppds fail to go away when the other end does not disconnect cleanly, but
> I have not had a chance to test that yet.  Otherwise, as long as I keep an
> eye on it, and kill off errant pppds, it seems to work fine.
> Anyone seen this problem and have a fix?
> -Bitt
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