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Toktar, Emir EMIR.TOKTAR at bra.xerox.com
Thu Nov 4 07:38:27 CST 1999

Yes, you´re right, but reading README.linux explains better why I
did this when I installed ppp-2.3.8.

~/ppp-2.3.8 directory

[make kernel]

============I cut this text from README.linux==========

....Issue the command:

[make kernel]

from the top level directory. This will install the various include files
and source files into the proper directories in the linux kernel source
tree.If you don't have the kernel installed in the default /usr/src/kernel
directory then it will not work. Instead it will print a message to the
effect that you need to specify the kernel location on the kinstall 

The actual message will say:

There appears to be no kernel source distribution in /usr/src/linux. Give 
the top-level kernel source directory as the  argument to this script.

usage: kinstall.sh [linux-source-directory]

If, and only if, you receive this message, do the following:
   a. Change to the 'linux' directory with the command:
          [cd linux]
   b. Issue the command:
          [./kinstall.sh /usr/src/linux]

or use the proper location for the kernel rather than /usr/src/linux. 
For example, if you have the kernel installed in /usr1/kernel then the
command would be:

           [./kinstall.sh /usr1/kernel]

The script will validate that the kernel is properly installed into that 
directory and check the level of the kernel. The installation will not be 
accepted if your kernel is too early.

The installation procedure will copy only the files which are
needed. It will not replace any file which should not be
replaced. Please don't second-guess the installation script and
attempt to do the procedure on your own. There are some very subtle
dependencies and if you are not careful, the installation will not

You are free to run the installation script as many times as you
wish. The additional executions will only change the files which have
not been changed.

One more observation before recompiling the kernel.


When you to install RedHat 6.0, avoid to use  compat-egs ... files :

compat-egs-obj.... Compiler that can be used to generate binaries that 
will run on older Red Hat 5.2 or glib 2.0.X

##-----(if kernel < 2.2.8)---------###
# e.g. Build the kernel when < Kernel 2.2.8

If you are using a kernel earlier than 2.2.8, you can either use the
driver in this package or upgrade your kernel to 2.2.8. 

RedHat 6.0 - default 

[cd /usr/src/linux/]
[make menuconfig .....if necessary ...]
[make dep]
[make clean]
[make bzImage] # COMPILING the kernel 
[make modules]
[make modules_install]

1. Make sure you have gcc-2.7.2 or newer available.  It seems older gcc 
versions can have problems compiling newer versions of Linux.  This is 
mainly because the older compilers can only generate "a.out"-format 

2. Do a "make zImage" to create a compressed kernel image. If your kernel 
is too large for "make zImage", use "make bzImage" instead.

3. If you configured any of the parts of the kernel as `modules' [M], you 
will have to do "make modules" followed by "make modules_install".

4. This probably is not necessary, but I always reboot here, type 
"shutdown -r now"

###-----(endif  kernel < 2.2.8)---------###

Emir Toktar

+55 (**41) 340-7157
emir.toktar at bra.xerox.com 
toktar at per.com.br
toktar at ppgia.pucpr.br

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I believe kinstall.sh does everything your mentioning if I am not mistaken.
I would have to look at the file first though. I followed the instructions
given when i installed ppp-2.3.10 onto a 2.2.13 kernel setup. I ran into no
problems whatsoever.


At 09:33 AM 11/4/99 +1000, you wrote:
>I'll merge these changes into the current HOWTO
>On Thu, 04 Nov 1999, Toktar, Emir wrote:
>>When I installed the PoPToP, I follow the procedures HowTo/Faq and had any
>>I modifyed any procedures below and work fine.
>>Procedures that I used for comments.
>>(+) lines that I add ....
>>(-) lines that I cut ....  # not necessary
>># comment
>>Last Updated: 19990813
>>Maintained by: Matthew Ramsay <matthewr at moreton.com.au>
>>HOWTO/FAQ mostly compiled from PoPToP help pages and the PoPToP Mailing
>>(hosted by Christopher Schulte) by Matthew Ramsay. Large contributions
>>Steve Rhodes and Michael Walter.
>>3.0 PPP (and MSCHAP/MPPE) Installation
>>It is only necessary to use PPP 2.3.8 if you want Microsoft compatible
>>MSCHAPv2/MPPE authentication and encryption. The reason for this is that
>>the MSCHAPv2/MPPE patch currently supplied (19990813) is against PPP
>>If you don't need Microsoft compatible authentication/encryption any 2.3.x
>>PPP source will be fine.
>>Assuming you want Microsoft compatible authentication/encryption follow
>>these steps:
>>Note: [] are example commands to run
>>1. Grab yourself a clean copy of the PPP deamon v2.3.8 (ppp-2.3.8.tar.gz).
>>    I usually go here for my PPP files:
>>    Note: You must get the tarball (tar.gz) and *not* the RPM.
>>2. Grab youself the MSCHAP/MPPE diff file from:
>>3. Grab yourself the SSLeay-0.6.6b file from:
>>    ftp://ftp.psy.uq.oz.au/pub/Crypto/SSL/SSLeay-0.6.6b.tar.gz
>>4. You should now have 3 files:
>>    ppp-2.3.8.tar.gz
>>    ppp-2.3.8-mppe-others-norc4_TH7.diff.gz
>>    SSLeay-0.6.6b.tar.gz
>>    (+) ppp-2.3.8-patch1 ==>correction for IPX/SPX
>>Copy these files to your preferred location (I prefer /usr/local/src/)
>>    #e.g.  I uninstall previus ppp
>>    (+) rpm -e ppp-2.3.7-2
>>5. Assuming your files are in /usr/local/src/ and your current working
>>directory is also /usr/local/src/ do the following:
>>    [tar zxvf ppp-2.3.8.tar.gz]
>>    [gunzip ppp-2.3.8-mppe-others-norc4_TH7.diff.gz]
>>    # e.g..  it's not gunzip... [gunzip
>>    [tar zxvf SSLeay-0.6.6b.tar.gz]
>>    [cp SSLeay-0.6.6b/crypto/rc4/rc4.h ppp-2.3.8/linux/]
>>    [cp SSLeay-0.6.6b/crypto/rc4/rc4_enc.c ppp-2.3.8/linux/]
>>    (+) [cp SSLeay-0.6.6b/crypto/rc4/rc4.h /usr/src/linux/drivers/net/]
>>    (+) [cp SSLeay-0.6.6b/crypto/rc4/rc4_enc.c
>>    (+) [cp ppp-2.3.8-patch1 ppp-2.3.8/pppd]
>>    (+) [cd ppp-2.3.8/pppd]
>>    (+) [patch -p0 < ppp-2.3.8-patch1]
>>    (+) [cd /usr/local/src/]
>>    [patch -p0 < ppp-2.3.8-mppe-others-norc4_TH7.diff]
>>    [cd ppp-2.3.8]
>>6. The files should now all be in place and we are ready to compile PPP.
>>Follow these steps to compile it:
>>    [./configure]
>>    (+) [make kernel] --> reference ppp-2.3.8
>>    #e.g.  It isen't necessary following lines below described in
>>    (-) [cd linux]               # not necessary
>>    (-) [./kinstall.sh]         # not necessary
>>    (-) [cd ..]                   # not necessary
>>## Read documentation in ppp-2.3.8 ###
>>## README.linux
>>##-----(if kernel < 2.2.8)---------###
>># e.g. Build the kernel when < Kernel 2.2.8
>># kernel 
>>    [cd /usr/src/linux/]
>>    [make menuconfig .....if necessary ...]
>>    [make dep]
>>    [make clean]
>>    [make bzImage]
>>    [make modules]
>>    [make modules_install]
>>###-----(endif  kernel < 2.2.8)---------###
>>    [pwd]
>>    [usr/local/src/ppp-2.3.8]  # be sure into ppp-2.3.8 dir
>>    [make]
>>    [cp pppd/pppd /usr/sbin/]
>>    (+) [make install] --> reference ppp-2.3.8
>>    [cd /usr/src/linux]
>>    [make modules SUBDIRS=drivers/net]
>>    [make modules_install]
>>    [rmmod ppp]
>>    (+) [insmod slhc]
>>    (+) [insmod ppp]
>>    (+) [insmod bsd_comp]
>>    (+) [insmod ppp_deflate]
>>    (+) [insmod ppp_mppe]
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